With the widespread use of the internet, people now habitually use computers, mobile phones or tablets to surf the internet with various applications, and online memorials have emerged as the times require. At, we provide a shared, easily accessible virtual space where family members and friends can honor a very special life while sharing their feelings, warm memories and words of support to help each other heal from the loss of loved ones and pets.


We designed the virtual memorial site to be easy to use. a personalized page can be set up in minutes and requires no technical knowledge. our memorial platform provides impeccable and personalized service as well as an online memorial that creates a permanent space to honor your loved one and pets that lasts forever.

Personalize Your Memorial

Personalize it with a wide variety of themes, personalized network connections, quotes, and a range of privacy and notification options.

Invitation and collaboration

Online memorials are designed to be built collaboratively. You can invite family members, friends, and colleagues to participate in the creation of the memorial site. This process provides a great way to heal and support each other during difficult times.

Take Control of your privacy

There are a variety of privacy options available for your memorial. Make it visible to all guests, or only to those you invite. You can also keep your memorial completely private until others can view it.

Take Control of your privacy

Only visible to you to edit and change 


Can be shared with family and friends

Make it viewable and engaging for all visitors