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The origin and taboos of worshiping at the tomb site: Human beings are intelligent and emotional creatures on the earth. At the same time, like all creatures on the earth, they have been affected by the sun, moon and the magnetic fields of the north and south poles for tens of thousands of years. The five ancient metaphysics that emerged from the Book of Changes include: mountain, medicine, fortune, fortune, divination, etc. Among them, physiognomy is the Feng Shui science that everyone knows today. It includes astronomy, geography, and the fortune of time. The living environment of different eras combines the laws of nature and the changes in the five elements of all things to achieve the improvement and progress of culture and life throughout the ages. When used appropriately, it can achieve the effect of seeking good fortune and avoiding evil. In modern simple terms, Feng Shui can be called environmental science, and those who study metaphysics and Feng Shui are called geography masters. The blessed land of the underworld: Chinese cultural tradition regards it as a way to pass on filial piety and benefit future generations. Therefore, we pay attention to the living environment of the Yangzhai during our lifetime; we also pay equal attention to the blessed land of our ancestors after death. The origin of tombstones and epitaphs began with Confucius, a saint during the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period. Confucius placed epitaphs in front of his parents' tombs in order to easily identify them for annual worship. Later, it evolved into a variety of tombstones to commemorate relatives and friends. The Feng Shui science, which emerged from the ancient five arts of physiognomy, states that the blessed place in the underworld must be guarded by five animals: the Xuanwu Mountain (turtle) behind the blessed place, the bright hall (suzaku) in front of the blessed place, and the left side of the blessed place. There must be Qinglong Mountain or Sha, and there must be White Tiger Mountain or Sha on the right side of the blessed land. This is the basic requirement for a complete blessed land. If the blessed land is long and breathy, surrounded by green dragons and white tigers on the left and right, and the Shuikou Luoxing Pass in front is locked in an orderly manner, it will surely become a perfect place. A good Feng Shui blessed land can bless future generations and pass on fame and wealth to future generations!


Taboos for worshiping at the cemetery: (1) It is advisable to worship after sunrise and before sunset. (2) Do not yell, beat or scold near the grave. (3) It is customary to worship on Qingming Festival and Double Ninth Festival every year. In modern times, worship can also be performed on ordinary auspicious days. (4) Those who suffer from Tai Sui in the fleeting year should not visit the sick and pay homage. (5) Do not project your personal figure on any tombstone for a long time during worship. (6) Clean up the area around the tomb before and after worship, including weeds, clean tombstones and debris after worship.


Worship offerings: (1) Mainly the flowers that the ancestor loved during his lifetime. (2) Foods that the ancestor loved during his lifetime. (3) Various kinds of clothes, paper, tea and incense candles can be burned according to local customs.


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