Import and share photos of the people you remember from your PC, mobile device or Facebook page. If you are a basic service account, you can put 5 photos, if you are a premium service account, you can add all the photos you want to the shared gallery. Others can also be encouraged to collaborate and contribute. Photos and media shared by various people can create a more complete portrait of the life and character of the person you commemorate. If the provided photos are low quality, the memorial hall can also provide a fee-based service that AI software can improve image quality according to the situation as following:


   -  Upscale photo and enhance true photo quality in 1 click

   -  Increase low resolution photo to higher resolution to 4K and more

   -  Fix blurry photo and recover photo details to make it clear

   -  Recover old photo, colorize black and white photo fully automatic

   -  Freely customize the output photo resolution as you want

   -  Process multiple photo at the same time, convenient and fast

   -  Support most common photo formats like JPG and PNG

Original black and white               After AI color processing  




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